Do you use the Google My Business – Posting feature?

Do you use the Google My Business – Posting feature?

Similar to the facebook posting feature you are able to create business related posts to share. The post is displayed on your Google My Business Listing panel under your business information, allowing customers to see a promotion, offer updates or events. You can also see analytics on posts to see how many views and clicks it has had. It’s like having a poster on the street advertising for you.

What could you post?

There are multiple things you could share within this space, here are few to get you started.


Advertise sales or discount codes. You can schedule these offers and create a start and end date. A great way to run a promotion and engage your audience.


Let people know of any upcoming events, like a school holiday program or a concert. You might want to run a virtual event as an option too.

What’s new.

Post about new products, new brands, have you moved or opened a new premises? Do you have a new websites or anything new that is happening within your business that you want people to know about. Share your latest blog post to help spread the word.

How to create a Google My Business post.

Log into your Google account and go to manage your listing. On the left hand side click on the posts tab. Here you will have the different post type options. Each allows for different information and is formatted slightly different.

Google has set this up in a really simple way so you just have to go through and enter all the required information.

What to write

Consider what you want to share and the purpose of the post. Do you want customers to come in store, check out your website or come to your next event? Keep the information clear and to the point, only include the important information. You can link to your website or an events page for more information if you need too. You have up to 1500 characters to describe your event but we recommend keeping the length to where you can comfortably explain the offer.

Make the heading great!

A great heading should be able to describe the post in 4-5 words. Example: Winter sale on now or New store location, come say hi!

Images, what should I use?

Photos should have a minimum resolution of 400px wide by 300px high, in JPG or PNG format.

Use an image that relates to the posts or your business. You could also create a graphic for the post and add the title to it. Keep the graphic simple and true to your brand. If you don’t have an editing software Canva is a free online tool that can help you create simple graphics.

Share your post.

Once you have created the post you can also share it throughout your social media. It is a great way to share the word about your post, offering or event.

Editing or deleting a post.

To delete or edit a post click on the three dots in the bottom right corner and there is an option to delete or edit a post. You can have more than one post at a time and posts are displayed in order from newest to oldest. It’s a good idea to review these posts every couple of months and delete any posts that aren’t relevant to your business anymore, or delete old promotion posts to prevent confusion.

Wrap Up

Google My Business Posts are a great tool to help stretch your marketing efforts and engage into another audience who may not follow you on social media.

Are you interested in using google posts for your business? Get in touch to find out how to get set up on Google My Business or check out our blog 10 Benefits of having a Google My Business listing.

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