Anglican Schools of Aotearoa New Zealand & Polynesia

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The Website Design Brief.

We were asked to create a website to represent Anglican Schools of New Zealand and Polynesia. The website needed to needed to distribute a large number of resources for all school ages along with a schools location listing. The website also needed to provide contact information, news, events and profile the staff.

The Design Process.

We started by looking through the existing site and we mapped out all the pages and content. From here we worked with the client to outline the important content and what was needing highlighted. We then drafted a sitemap to outline all the pages and content giving us a birds eye view of the overall website. With the sitemap in place we proceeded into designing the wireframes and prototype. We looked at how best to design the navigation and user information flow within the prototype which enabled us to discuss the general layouts and direction of the site before designing the full user interface elements. Once the designs were completed the website build was underway and soon content input and site launch.

The Outcome.

The Anglican Schools website launched and the site showcases the Anglican Schools of New Zealand and Polynesia providing resources to both teachers and students, while delivering the general public further information about the schools and staff.


Anglican Schools of Aotearoa New Zealand & Polynesia


Website Design, Website Development


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