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For the Aorangi Vet website design, we worked with the client to create a strong, clean scheme that drew from nature in its colour inspiration. With extensive information and a range of resources available to visitors, we think this site will be a great digital asset for Aorangi Vet now and into the future.

Strong first impression

A good first impression is crucial. This is true for many things in life but especially for a website. If visitors aren’t impressed in the first few seconds of visiting a website, they click away, and this bounce rate affects the Google ranking. We worked with Aorangi Vet Services to create an impression that makes an impact for the visitor – in all the right ways!

Along the top, a solid navigation bar provides visitors with easy access to popular areas of the site. Then a bold subheading informs them at a glance what Aorangi Vet stands for: happy people and healthy animals. A few brief sentences expand on this, providing detail about their services. Finally there is a classic CTA or Call To Action button, encouraging site visitors to contact Aorangi Vet today.

In a three-second impression, this covers everything important: information, direction, and action.

Inspired by Nature

There are no straight lines in nature.

It’s an oft-quoted maxim, and a true one. To reflect the character of veterinary services, we worked with the client to create a consistently natural feel throughout the website. Curved lines symbolise the hills of rural Canterbury. These create zones to separate important text headings from background images. Smaller waved shapes create visual interest, add contrast, and bring to mind the patched pattern on a cow.

Nature doesn’t mean boring! Colours range from the deep green of native forests to the tawny brown of a deer and the soft cream of a family cat. This palette holds enough contrast to maintain interest and legibility while remaining cohesive across the site.

Increased interaction

A blog is a great way to grab the interest of visitors and keep them engaging with a website for longer. This commonly looks like: see a post on social media, click through to the website to read it, then see other interesting articles and click on those. Greater interaction with a website means a more interested customer who is more likely to take action – like booking an appointment.

In the “Expert Advice” section, Aorangi Vets offer a ton of information for anyone who has questions about their pets. As they have such a wide ranging customer base, it was important that this area target more than one type of audience: not just urban small-dog owners or just rural sheep farmers. Instead the blog has a range of information, with everything from “Chocolate Toxicity for New Pet-Parents” to “Heifer Teat Sealing for Farmers.”

With a strong impact, clean nature-inspired theme, and range of varied resources to help inform and engage visitors, we are sure this website will be a fantastic asset for Aorangi Vets.


Aorangi Vet Services


Website Design


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