Canon Street Optometrists

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About The Website

Canon Street Optometrists are well-known and well-loved within Timaru, South Canterbury. We were proud to work with them on this website design.

Products page, which is broken down into sections to make for streamlined browsing. Visitors are able to browse in the item category they want, for example frames, without the visual clutter and annoyance of scrolling past irrelevant products.

Our Team page with professional photos. There is also a personal bio from each staff member – this helps make a human connection with website visitors.

Industry Blog. Not just a place to share local updates and seasonal changes, this is also used for providing information about types of lenses/frames/etc, topics of interest, ‘what to expect when…’ pieces, and other thoughts related to all things optometry.

Appointment Booking. A fast, effective way for people to make bookings from a distance. This is a popular feature that saves customers both time and frustration.

Special Feature

One special feature of this site that we particularly love is the visualisation of the images in the Your Eyes section. These pages cover different optical issues people can have such as glaucoma, astigmatism, or floaters. The same base image is used: a classic view of Timaru looking past the Piazza on the Bay Hill and across Caroline Bay. But a filter or overlay is then added to the image that demonstrates what life is like for those with each condition.

For example, glaucoma results in the image looking dark around the edges in an irregular pattern. Myopia or other visual clarity conditions result in it looking blurred. With colour vision deficiency, the image is missing clear red-green colour tones. And so on.

We love this as a way of walking a mile in other people’s shoes — or of seeing with their eyes, as the case may be. It works as both an educational tool and a way to build empathy. It’s also just a great unique feature of the website!


Canon Street Optometrists


Identity Design, Website Design, Website Development


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