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Logo Brief

The Brief was to create a logo, visual identity and a website for Designer Surface, who specialises in skins and surfaces for exterior and interior spaces. The stylish collections offer clients an extensive portfolio of textures and tones to choose from to enhance any space.

The Logo needed to communicate the sense of a sleek surface that was aesthetically clean, solid and elegant. The logo needed to entice interior designers, architects and new home builders.

The Logo Design Process

We explored a range of ideas researching the products and the keywords provided by the client, which helped influence the sketches and ideas. Through this process the concept of two overlapping diamonds was revealed and we explored the shapes of diamonds.

It was important to consider the look and feel of the products as well as the quality and durability of them. We explored ideas around corners, line weight and depth to bring these ideas into the concepts. You can see these ideas in the layering and corners of the diamonds as well as the typography. We choose to use two contrasting line weights to show the contrast between durable and stylish. 

The logo has a very sophisticated and modern feel which suited the black and white colour palette. The limited colour palette left room for us to experiment with textures while not overly complicating the design.

The Website Design Process.

Website Brief

The Website needed to keep within the same vein as the logo which was to showcase their products but also to break outside the normal rectangle look and feel.

The Website needed to showcase their products, provide information and attributes about the materials and subsequently provide a means of enquiry.

After completing the logo and started to look at the website, we mapped out all the products, samples and information that we wanted to present on the website, there were only 5 key pages needed for the website. The product information page being the most complex of them all.

The Product Pages.

Laminam, Solid Surface and Caesarstone all have a depth of information and variety of colour ranges. We wanted to include all the information about the one product on one page without it being complex and too overwhelming.

We achieved this by defining clear sections and creating expanding pieces of information depending on if the uses was interested in those sections.

The galleries and product samples we wanted to showcase in a different manner to a standard image gallery. We also needed it to take up little room as there are several colours and textures to choose from. Using the diamond shape as these gallery’s works perfectly to create a tight knit group of elements while creating a visually interesting block of content.

We developed custom icons for the site to show the tile surfaces which fits back into the idea of the logo being two tiles.

The Outcome.

The thin lines of the diamond shapes on the logo give it an elegant look that tie in with the thicker typography used for the DS to balance it out and give it a more stable look. We used the diamond shapes to represent the shape of surfaces and durability and high quality. The two diamonds also give the logo a sense of depth and structure.

We choose to use a black white and dark grey colour palette to create a sleek modern and timeless identity.

Upon completion of the final logo we then developed a set of branding guidelines to use alongside the logo and several stationery items. The texture on the business card was inspired by the same pattern on one of their products. We worked heavily with the printers to develop the texture of the spots which as been printed with a glossy over print catching the light creating a point of interest.

The Website attracted visitors from around the world and country and provides and steady means of contact and enquiries.


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Identity Design, Website Design, Website Development


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