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The Project

We worked with the team at Venture Timaru to develop the My Next Move website, visual identity and promotional video. My next move is a youth initiative aimed at helping high school students discover their next move by providing career inspiration, industry information, study options, and events. Students can create a login and favourite what interests them, collecting items on their dashboard. My next move also helps students connect with mentors and work experience opportunities.

Website Design Features

  • Customisable dashboard.
  • Build a ‘My Next Move’ plan. Actionable steps to work towards focused goals.
  • Ability to favourite work places, careers, inspirational videos and events.
  • Ability to add your own workplaces, events, study options and inspiration.
  • Search and filter local workplaces by industry.
  • Contact form.
  • Secure login feature.
  • Videos.
  • Responsive layout.

The Logo Design

Our goal was to create a logo that is interesting and inspiring to high school students, we did this by using the bright yellow against the darker blue tones to communicate the excitement of the next move as well as giving the logo a more mature feel. The rocket symbolises the preparations the students have made during their education and the launch into careers or further education.

Promotional Video

The promotional video showcases how the site can be used on both desktop and mobile and outlines what students can do on the site.


Venture Development Timaru


Identity Logo Design, Website Design, Website Development


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