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Logo Design, Website Design

The Brief

Grace approached us to design a cohesive logo and website for her academic tutoring business. She offered a range of online and in-person services that integrated well together: coaching for end-of-year school exams and college/university admissions in NZ, UK and USA; Cambridge International and International Baccalaureat preparation; modular coaching for both Academic and General IELTS (International English Language Testing System); as well as homework programmes and general tuition programmes.

This was definitely something we could help her with!

The Logo

For the logo, we introduced a funky cartoon figure of Grace that would appeal to her target audience: students and teenagers. This conveyed the idea that Grace is the central figure of the business and started instantly building a human connection with site visitors. Bright contrasting colours of pink and marigold yellow carried a playful element, while darker colours in the sans-serif fonts conveyed professionalism.

Logo of a cartoon girl with the text Study With Grace.

The Website

To tie in with the logo, we went for a really fresh, fun vibe that would appeal to students while remaining clean and professional. We paired trendy colours such as pastel blue with classic white. To carry a cohesive style throughout, we introduced page accents in the same marigold yellow used in the logo. Playful wave shapes acted as transition zones to delineate the different areas of each page and allow the eye to rest.

The website design was kept streamlined, with main pages highlighted in the header to easily direct visitors. We created a page for each main service Grace offered: academic tutoring and IELTS preparation. The Contact page featured a location map and multiple methods of communication to make it a breeze for clients to get in touch. In the header, we also placed a Call To Action button to encourage site visitors to ‘Enrol Today,’ with a contrasting yellow background to make it really pop.

Grace wanted the option of a Blog page. Helpful blogs on relevant topics are often shared organically on places like social media. As such, they offer more natural reach than a static Services page and are a great way of reaching people who can then be directed to the website.

On Grace’s blog, she could offer exam prep tips, IELTS information, and general academic advice. This would draw students in and start them learning and connecting with each other – and with her.

We had a great time designing the website and logo for Grace, and feel it is a great asset for her business.


Study With Grace


Logo Design, Website Design


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