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The Good Sound

Planning an event can be stressful if your sound and audio doesn’t work when you need it to – or else you spend heaps and have to hire specialised tech people to set it all up. This is where The Good Sound steps in to provide an easy solution.

The purpose of The Good Sound is to make good sound easy. It delivers uncompromising sound quality and impeccable style with no fuss – so easy, anyone can do it! The Good Sound is a sleek, simple speaker set-up that can be hired for small events of up to 100 people.

Website Design

The website design needed to be simple and effective, much like The Good Sound! We aimed to clearly communicate the simplicity of this sound unit and just how easy it is for anyone to set up and use.

The two main objectives of the design were highlighting the key aspects of the speaker unit for the user, and making it an easy, simple process to book. A casual, celebratory feel was introduced through the use of cursive headings and informal language. To pre-empt common queries from potential clients, a Frequently Asked Questions section was also included.

Logo Design

Through playful typography and expression lines showing movement and sound, the logo communicates the feeling of celebration and the good vibes that sound creates. Primary colours of blue and yellow were used. The navy blue conveys professionalism and outstanding quality, while the yellow adds a warm sparkle of festivity and excitement.

We loved the fun and feel-good outcome of this logo!


The Good Sound


Logo Design, Website Design, Website Development


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