Google update their mobile friendly search results.

With the large number of google searches coming from mobile phones Google has now, as of the 21st of April, decided to rank mobile friendly sites higher than their non friendly friends. Mobile Devices Only Note that it only affects searches from mobile devices. This meaning that having a responsive mobile friendly website is even…

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I need a website… Where do I start?

HTML Code - Website

When deciding to go down the “it’s time to get a website path” I remember it being a daunting task, filled with both excitement and gosh, where do I start. You would have no doubt heard or starting hearing terms you’ve never heard of before like, CMS, Drupal, HTML, CSS, Javascript, blog, wordpress, domain names…

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Responsive Website Design

Responsive Design. It’s a term that is thrown around a lot by web designers but what is it and why do you need it? In my spare time I play the piano and in this new digital age I left behind the screeds of paper that used to litter the floor in an untidy mess…

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