Website Care Plans

Website Care Plan Features

More than website maintenance, we supply the expertise and knowledge for growth.
No long-term contract. Cancel anytime.

Software Core Updates

Monthly WordPress updates ensure you are up with the latest software and protection against malicious activity.

Security Scans

Scan for Malware and Safe-guard your website from hackers and malware.


Receive in your inbox a basic report of your website’s traffic and how users are interacting with your website.

Software Plugin Updates

We keep all your plugins and WordPress software up to date to avoid security issues, keeping your website running smoothly.

Daily Backups

Daily off-site backups allow you to rest easy knowing if something happens to your site it is safe.

Support Time

Dedicated support time allows you to make requests regarding the majority of your needs: bug fixes, performance improvements, content updates, basic design updates etc.

Website Care Plans Pricing

No long-term contract. Cancel anytime.

No long-term contract. Cancel anytime.

Website Hosting Free Upgrade

Sign up for a Website Care Plan and if you host your website with Yellow Design, you'll be upgraded to the next hosting package FREE.

Frequently Asked Questions

We take care of all the updates of WordPress and the plugins. Website maintenance is a key part of keeping your site updated and working properly.

Each month, we firstly backup the website, check over the website, update, then check the website again to makes sure it’s all functioning as it should. If there is an issue we can see what plugin version caused the problem and revert back if need be.

We update your website once a month and include a monthly maintenance report which outlines work undertaken and a performance and security scan.

If we discover a plugin issue, a support ticket will be lodged and we address it straight away. We also take extra care around major plugin updates like WooCommerce and isolate these as individual tasks for additional quality control.

Yes, you can. Although we would need to do a Website Audit before we would take your website on. This just makes sure we catch anything broken or malicious prior to being on plan. View our Website Audit prices.

We try to prevent your website from going down. However, we cannot guarantee that your website will not be hacked or the server will not incur problems. We will do everything within our power to stop this from happening and assist with cleaning up or restoring the website from a backup.

If you notice anything before we do please email us at

Yes, you can. Although that would be sad, as we want to see your website grow and give value to your business. If you do want to cancel please email us and request cancellation and we will stop your billing.

A consulting call is a strategy session to help get your website working for your business. Including, live editing, training, reviewing reports and analytics, improving the website to align and meet your business goals.

Additional Services

A Website Maintenance & Performance Checkup

A Website Maintenance  & Performance Checkup is just like that oil change you do on your car, along with all the other servicing items, checking the tyres, wiper blades and transmission fluid. A website is no different and requires care to keep it performing and remaining secure.

Our Website Maintenance Overhaul includes:

  • Full website backup save a copy of your valuable website data.
  • Check the website's speed performance and optimise where possible to improve your website load time for your visitors.
  • A security scan to ensure your website is free from any malware, keeping your web visitors safe (includes any malware removal).
  • Updates and Upgrades; Run any software updates/upgrades to increase security and run on the latest features.
  • Scan and fix and broken links (better SEO).
    Website review and recommendation report.
  • Plus Much More.

Price: $450+GST

Website Maintenance Overhaul-02

Looking after your website.

Why Website Maintenance is Key to a Successful Website.

A website is similar to your car, in that you want it to just work whenever you need, a website even more so needs to be up and running 24/7, and working when you are not. In your car you regularly keep the tank full of gas, check and change the oil, check fluid levels,…

How Can I Make My Website More Effective?

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Every business needs domain based email.

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