Digital Media & Marketing Strategy Guide

Outline and prioritise the key strategies and processes to establish your business with a solid online presence.

Build a plan to deliver your businesses digital goals

A digital media and marketing strategy guide is designed to help you identify all your digital assets and how you can use them to showcase your business to your customers and clients.

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Understand your business digital assets.

Set specific SMART goals for your digital strategy.

Create a content production plan for your digital assets.

Learn which tools will work best for your industry and business.

Be confident in knowing you have a strategy for your website and digital assets.

What are your digital assets?

Digital assets are all the online representations of your business. these maybe your

  • Your website
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Google My Business Listing
  • Local Business Listings
  • Online PDF or company profiles
  • links from other websites.

Set clear goals for your digital stragety.

Goals help focus your efforts and give you a clear target of what you are wanting to achieve. It also seperate the important from the unimportant. Be focused and deliver.

Develop a plan to represent a clear consistant and cohesive message.

  • Outline your services and your target audience.
  • Match your services/products with where your audience is living (Social Media, Email Marketing, off-line)
  • Craft a strategy to deliver your messaging.

Take Action & contorl of your digital assets.

We work with you to outline a system to best deliver your business messaging.

  • Develop a content production plan.
  • Suggest the best platforms to share your content on.
  • Develop a content calendar
  • Training in processes and tools to deliver the plan.


Messure preformance and success.

Measuring the success of your digital marketing efforts  provides valuable insights into where best focus your future efforts.

  • 3 month report
  • 6 month report

* additional reporting is available seperate from this service.


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