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We loved working with Murray and Jackie from the Musterers Accommodation Fairlie (formally known as Musterer’s High Country Accommodation) to create a new logo to reflect their unique and high-quality accommodation. Working with the Musterer’s we established that the name and current logo no longer was the best fit for their accommodation, due to it be more luxury than ‘high country’ which was sometimes confusing for international guests expecting to rough it in the outdoors.

We were spoilt or choice when it came to inspiration for this project. Located on the straight highway and surrounded by 360º views of the stunning Mackenzie landscape. The accommodation itself has so much personality, the interior and exterior of the rooms, the Woolshed, farm animals and greenery.

The new logo shows the mountain ridges and landscape that awaits you at the accommodation. The Stylised M is a representation of the journey through windy roads through the stunning landscape.

It’s awesome seeing the logo on the new signage and how it connects with the accommodation and surroundings.


Musterer's Accommodation Fairlie



Logo Design


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