Sue McCoy Counselling

Identity Logo Design, Website Design, Website Development

Logo and Website Design

The Logo Brief

The Brief was to create a visual identity for Sue McCoy Counselling that could be used on signage, stationary as well as a website which has information about counselling services, a blog, contact information and other useful information.

It was important that the logo felt personal and welcoming. The website also needed to be easy to navigate and easy to read information. 

The Process

We started by developing the logo. Sue supplied us with some colours from her previous pamphlet that she liked so we could include in the new logo. We choose to use a hand font in a signature style because it made the logo feel personal and trust worthy. It was accompanied by a clean looking font to make the business name legible.

Developing the website we used a similar colour pallet to the logo. Sue provided us with the written content as well as some images. We sorted through the information into different categories for the website. She also wanted to include some inspirational quotes on the website which we included in the footer and other pages.

We needed to develop icons for the different services and decided to hand draw these to emphasise the personal feel and to tie it in with the logo style. The icons don’t have any facial expressions as this sometimes mask how we truely feel.


Sue McCoy Counselling


Identity Logo Design, Website Design, Website Development


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