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The Project

We worked with the South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce to create a website which would represent the local community & businesses of South Canterbury, as well as showcase the region to an international audience. The website also includes space for local companies to display their businesses on the South Canterbury Market Place.

Purpose & Design

The purpose of the site is to be a one-stop catchall for Kiwis and Internationals to find any information they require about the South Canterbury region. This covers events, activities, businesses, and major attractions such as our stunning National Parks. It also includes information about living and working in the region, from urban areas and rural towns to study options and housing costs.

As the website holds a wealth of content, it was important to design a site which was easy for the user to navigate without getting confused or overloaded by the content. We did this by creating a clear and consistent layout which guides the user to their area of interest.

It was also important to have a fast loading time. Large images and video files can slow this down, so we made sure these were fully optimised for the site to enhance the visitor experience.

Key Features

  • Event Calendar – with options for people to add their own events and to share events via social media and email.
  • The South Canterbury Market Place, local business listings
  • Secure Login for companies and business partners
  • Site-wide Search Feature for quick navigation
  • Maps locating all the education centres and the towns of South Canterbury
  • Responsive Layout for desktop, tablet, and mobile
  • Flight Booking widget with AirNZ


South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce


Identity Logo Design, Website Design, Website Development


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