Redwood Cherries and Berries

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The Brief

Redwood Cherries and Berries didn’t have a formal online presence.

They had a logo and wanted a website design to showcase the different fruits and to tell the story of their orchard.

The website needed to gain traffic and excite people to come and visit the orchard and ultimately buy their fruit products.

Our Web Design Approach

We started the project by visiting the orchard to gain on-site information about how the orchard works and to see how the fruit is grown.

This allowed us to see the different fruits they are growing. We heard the amazing story of the work Redwood Cherries and Berries did to achieve their orchard setup.

Once we had gathered this background information, we helped gather the content and planned out the website pages into a site map.

This gave us a big picture overview of what we wanted to achieve.

High priority in the website design is creating the centre of visual impact by highlighting the amazing quality fruit.

So we staged several scenes and took photos of their fruit products and used them to build the ‘fruit stall show window’ on their website.

We also met with Steve and Jo for a quick photo shoot and used their profile pictures on the website to establish trust with their customers.

The website design was structured around the key goal of getting visitors to the orchard.

This was created through the photos that invoke interest and desire to eat the mouth-watering fruit.

The overall website design is modern, bold and clean with a style that compliments the Redwood Cherries and Berries brand.

We also established their Facebook Page which was set up to help them create and build their social media community where they can talk directly and instantly with their audience.

On their FB page, they could post updates and announcements, such as what fruits are available for the season, when and where their stalls would be around the region.

The Results

On completion of the website, we launched the website that showcased the amazing fruit products of Redwood Cherries and Berries.

We highlighted the story of Steve and Jo and how they started and established their orchard, and the Redwood Cherries and Berries brand.

The Redwood Cherries and Berries website quickly ranked for local search terms which have resulted in more traffic for their website within 6 months after the website was launched.

Check out the Redwood Cherries and Berries website.


Redwood Cherries & Berries


Website Design, Website Development


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