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StaffServices are South Canterbury-based recruitment experts who connect great people with great jobs. They work on both sides of the employment gap, assisting job seekers to reach their career goals and connecting employers with potential employees to suit the needs of their business.

These two distinct purposes of use were the basis of the website design. This needed to be achieved by a design that clearly signposted for users where they could access the information they required, whether job seeker or employer.

It was important to keep the layout clear and easy to follow, highlighting which part of the site was for which user purpose. To achieve this, we used a vertical split layout to help easily guide the user toward the area they would be looking for: one side for employers and one for job seekers.

The colours used are bright and vibrant, and are derived from the StaffServices branding. Several icon graphics were created to highlight the reasons to work with StaffServices – for example, use of an agricultural icon for ‘Seasonal Demands’. These are found under the Employer Services tab. They help to visually communicate each key reason and not overwhelm the user with text.

Job seeking can be daunting! As such, quirky robot imagery was used to remove any perceived human stereotypes or judgements around job seeking.

A helpful addition to the site was the development of a regional page, Discover South Canterbury. Due to the challenges of recruiting staff to South Canterbury, the intention of this page was to showcase the region and its many attractions. This was done both visually through video footage and photos, and with written text such as first-hand testimonials from people who have moved to the region. The page also provides useful information around lifestyle activities, living costs, and more.




Website Design, Website Development


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