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The Website Design Project

Jo Taylor from Taylored Moments is passionate about people, rituals, parties, and celebrating all aspects of life. We worked with her to create a website that showcased this.

The main focus of the website is her marriage celebrant service. A custom home page highlighted this aspect, while adding space for testimonials. We also created an area on the site to showcase other services that she offers, such as Memorial Services and Corporate Events.

We wanted the site to be elegant and spacious, so as to draw attention to the words and beautiful memories. As such there are a lot of light, airy colours such as shades of blue. Instead of black and white, we used softer contrasts like cream and grey. A flowing, handwriting-style font was used to give that special touch to the headings.

We previously created a website for Jo back in 2014. The original site was designed with growth and change in mind – so that it could be updated over time to keep up with dynamic trends, and to continue to accurately reflect Jo’s business as Taylored Moments grows.

Key Functionalities

  • Responsive Layout for desktop, tablet, and mobile
  • Testimonials and photos from clients
  • Contact Form and social media links


Taylored Moments


Logo Design, Website Design, Website Development


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