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Wooden icons of different file types such as JPEG and PNG.

Demystifying Image Formats: How to Choose the Right One

Which logo file should I use? What’s the difference between CMYK and RGB? Does it even matter if I export to PNG or JPG? No-one will know the difference anyway, right? The short answer: yes, it matters and yes, people will know. They might not know which specific format you’ve used, but they will know…
One green paperclip among dozens of white paperclips.

The 4 key elements of brand value

If we asked you what brand the colours red and yellow bring to mind, what would you say? Chances are: McDonalds. A certain shade of blue on a car? Classic Subaru. Yellow and white diagonal stripes? New Zealand Government announcements during the COVID-19 pandemic. These are all part of a strong brand value or equity.…
Wooden beads spelling the word Trust.

Don’t forget these important website trust factors

Trust is important. It’s the foundation of any relationship. People buy from people they know, like, and trust – so it’s important you’re doing everything you can to help your potential customers trust you. Your customers’ entire journey through your website should be full of trust signals from start to finish. When it comes to…
An elderly man sharing the story of his business brand.

Your Brand, Your Story, Your Business – Why you do what it is you do.

As a company, one of your biggest assets is your brand. But what is meant by brand? Get this messaging right and people will jump on board with you.
Five business people collaborating in a team meeting.

Five Useful Tips for Creating an Outstanding Business Name

Naming your company is one of the most important decisions you can make. Your business name sets the tone for your entire brand and influences the first impression potential customers’ first impression of your business.  As an entrepreneur, ensuring your brand name resonates with your target audience is critical. Failure to give your company a…
Brand Mockup with no logo. What are Brand Guidelines and why you should be sticking to them.

What are Brand Guidelines and why you should be sticking to them

Branding guidelines are an important part of quality control and brand reputation for any business. Whether you are well established or in the early stages of starting out, branding guidelines not only builds brand awareness, but they also develop trust between businesses and consumers, helping create consistency and recognition. Having clear branding guidelines helps everyone…

Choosing a Domain and what to look for.

Choosing a good domain name is essential for establishing your brand identity and creating a stable online presence. Even if your not ready to build a website you still need to consider locking in the perfect domain name before it’s taken. Anybody can create a domain name but choosing a great one means putting in…

A Seahorse riding a bike with a mallet – The WHBPC-2016 Logo

If you don’t know the world of bike polo then I recommend checking it out because it is a very exciting and entertaining sport. Riding bikes at a fast pace in a confined area welding mallets becomes very entertaining when two teams are chasing down the ball to strike into the goal. I have been…