Gresson Dorman & Co

Logo Design, Website Design

Gresson Dorman has been part of the South Canterbury landscape for 150 years, being Timaru based they approached us to develop both a new visual identity and website design.

The Logo Design

Our focus was creating an outstanding visual identity that reflected their professionalism, knowledge and history.

The GD creates visual impact and draws the eye in by being the main focal point of the logo. This element is a part of the logo system and can be used in several different ways. The logo is fresh, sleek, modern and visually impacting.

The Website Design

When creating a website the most important aspect is establishing the purpose for the site and aiding the user to achieve their purpose. For Gresson Dorman & Co we wanted to give them a fresh professional look featuring the people and their skill sets. The site features their services, staff, client care, history and general contact/location information. We established a clear call to actions throughout the site and development methods to reduce individual spam which can be problematic at times.


Gresson Dorman & Co



Logo Design, Website Design


Why Website Maintenance is Key to a Successful Website.

A website is similar to your car, in that you want it to just work whenever you need, a website even more so needs to be up and running 24/7, and working when you are not. In your car you regularly keep the tank full of gas, check and change…

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