Tennis South Canterbury

Identity Logo Design, Website Design, Website Development

Tennis South Canterbury Website Design.

Tennis South Canterbury has been enabling Tennis within South Canterbury community for almost a century. As time has gone by the ways to communicate tennis to the community has significantly changed too. Digital posters and a website; a great channel to distribute information about Tennis events and activities.

The website was created to provide information and upcoming events in a simple manner while showcasing all other aspects of Tennis South Canterbury.

Promotional Event Graphic & Poster Design.

We have been working with Tennis South Canterbury for several years creating promotional graphics for their events and coaching sessions. These events are planned before the start of the season and the content ready to maximise interest. The posters need to cater to a wide range of age groups so we endeavour to stylise the poster and graphics to suit the audience and tie in with their existing visual identity. 

We create the graphics suitable for all their online assets, website banners, Facebook posts and Facebook cover photos. We also keep the Tennis South Canterbury website up to date with all their upcoming events including online registration forms for player registrations.


Tennis South Canterbury


Identity Logo Design, Website Design, Website Development


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