Tī Kōuka Apothecary

Identity Logo Design

The Brief

The brief was to create a visual identity and logo to reflect Tī Kōuka Apothecary’s knowledge in the natural health benefits of various native plants of New Zealand. The logo needed to be used across a range of products and packaging including glass bottles and biodegradable tea packaging.

The Process

We started the design process by reflecting on the brief and researching all the different words and meanings of the name, Tī Kōuka. Inspiration came from looking at the textures and shapes of the different plants used throughout the products. The plants influenced our sketching and colour selection.

Throughout our sketching and research process we crafted several concepts. We were inspired by the Tī Kōuka leaf and it’s texture pairing an illustration of the leaf with an elegant font choice. The illustration helped create space between the two words resulting in a balanced and weighted logo.

The Packaging

We created a range of packaging for different sized bottles and loose leaf tea. The project required us to explore different packaging options as the product needed to remain fresh and be environmentally friendly. Another aspect to consider was the amount of information to display on the packaging. The readability of the text in relation to the size of the packaging became an important consideration to get right.

We took some of the sketches from the original concepts of the plants and used these on the packaging. It was neat to use the plant illustrations as they help communicate the products flavours and ingredients. It was especially cool as these plant illustrations didn’t make it into the final logo. The colour palette for the teas was inspired by different plants, their flowers and leaves.

The Outcomes

The logo is now used as part of Tī Kōuka Apothecary visual identity including their logo, product packaging, signage, social media and stationary items.

As part of our visual identity service we also created branding guidelines. A guide to using your new logo.


Tī Kōuka Apothecary


Identity Logo Design


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