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We Love Timaru Logo Development

Timaru – this place of shelter. The elements and beauty of nature surround us, the beach and mountains are our finger tips. Our heart is our people, our families and our friends. We love our beaches and our northwester. We love our sunrises and sunsets. We love our mountains. We love sailing, flying kites and biking. We love snow and our outdoors. We love people. We love our success. We love Timaru.

The Logo Design Brief 

The brief was to create a visual identity that reflected Timaru and what it has to offer as a place to live and work. The logo would be used across promotional videos, billboards, stationary and social media.

The Process

We Love Timaru Sketches. The design process by Yellow Design.

We started by going over the brief and research different ideas that could influence the look and meaning of the logo, some of the things we looked at were the history, attractions, businesses and identified the key qualities Timaru has as a place to live and visit. This research included sketching several icons and looking at the different use of typography. We wanted the elements in the heart to mean something but also not be overly complicated. We explored several ideas and chose to showcase the elements, the amazing opportunities of living in Timaru what the community loves about Timaru.

The colour palate stands out and is unique, this was important as we wanted it to catch peoples eye when displayed not only on social media but also on billboards.

The outcome

We developed different layouts of the logo as it was important for it to be versatile as the logo would be used in a lot of different situations, it also had to have clear branding guidelines to keep it looking consistent when other people used it. 

The We love Timaru campaign was used on billboards, stickers, flags, videos and throughout social media and a website. When developing the promotional billboards for this it was important for them to have a constant look with the videos and the logo. We also created flags for Timaru and the other surrounding towns in the Timaru district. They all have a constant design and follow the WE LOVE OUR… theme. The Timaru logo is featured all around the Timaru District as well as the country.


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Identity Logo Design, Website Development


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