Every business needs domain based email.

Every business needs domain based email.

It goes without saying that every business needs a domain name. A domain name is a must have for any and every business whether or not you have a website. For more information about a domain name and what to look for in a domain name, check out our blog post, – Choosing a Domain and what to look for.

It also goes without saying that every business should have email tied to that domain name. E.G info@businessname.com This is a professional look and provides scalability to your email accounts for when you next staff member comes on board.

Various Email Providers

I am generally a fan of using tools that excel at their job and email is no different. There are companies such as Google and Microsoft who have been crafting their email services for years. Both of these services you get more than just email as well, you get access to their other tools. Google has Google Drive, Google Docs, Sheets + more but you are buying into their eco system.

Email Plans

If you want to keep your email in house then we have some great plans available for your business. Feel free to view our email hosting plans here.

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