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Anyone for Tennis? Book Design.

Anyone for Tennis? is a hardcover book that celebrates the social history of tennis in the South Canterbury region. It was commissioned to commemorate the centennial anniversary of Tennis South Canterbury in 2021.

Designed by Zoe Sturm, the cover design was inspired by an original image of a tennis player from the 1930s, whilst also referencing how the Tennis Centre looks today – a blending of the old and new.

The book layout is clean and concise. It features profiles of players, life members, high performance players and key community contributors. Each player profile has a unique layout to give visual separation from the bulk of the historical text.

There are nine chapters in total, each starting with a full page image. To distinguish the end of each chapter, a beautiful illustration of some recognisable local tennis paraphernalia is used.

Significant design and layout work was completed in conjunction with author Carol Angland, especially around final content layout.  Alongside that, well over 300 images are included. These were scanned, touched up, and optimised for print.

It was a great honour to work on this book, and a privilege to help Tennis South Canterbury capture and immortalise this significant milestone in their history.

From Tekapo to Timaru this social history celebrates dazzling white tennis frocks, jelly sponge, barbeques and burnt chops, broken strings, travelling by horse and dray, playing all day and dancing all night. Endless fundraising, national titles, boring meetings, macrocarpa hedges, Davis Cup, magic moments, a world class facility… and a sporting environment where friendships are forged and social skills become life skills.

Tennis South Canterbury is proud of its history and excited about its vision for the future.

Why do people keep playing tennis? Because they love it.

Want to buy the book?

You can do so by visiting the Tennis South Canterbury’s Website.


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