10 benefits of having a Google My Business listing.

10 benefits of having a Google My Business listing.

Google My Businesses provides a quick and convenient way for people to search for information like contact details, business address, reviews and opening hours. It’s a way for potential customers to find and contact you easily.

With Google making this information so accessible, users are not likely to scroll through pages of information when they have access to listings that gives them the information they’re looking for right away.

Creating and optimising your Google My Business listing can get your business seen by potential customers.

10 quick benefits to having a Google My Business listing.

  • Even small businesses can rank high on the business listing rankings.
  • Gives all the business details people need to get in contact with you, all in one place. You can also link a website to provide customers with more information.
  • Use the posting feature to advertise events, showcase new products or promotions.
  • Optimising your Google My Business listing can help your website rank better.
  • Google My Business gives you analytics on the people searching, and using your listing.
  • You can allow people to book directly from the listing e.g accomodation or restaurants. There are a number of booking platforms that it can hook in with.
  • Answer customer questions. Searchers are able to ask questions directly on the listing and your business is able to answer them.
  • Get reviews and ratings. People are able to leave reviews and give a rating.
  • If your at a verified business address you can provide directions directly through google maps.
  • A place to list information about different products and services as well as price points and service descriptions.

What information should I include in my Google My Business listing?

Some of the basic details that make up your Google My Business listing are your business address (optional), contact details, logo, business related images, opening hours and a description.

Getting Verified

Some of the basic details that make up your listing is your business address (optional), Contact details, Logo, Business related images, opening hours and a description.

There are few different ways to verify your listing. The most common way is to receive a verification code sent to you in the mail. There are also options for businesses with 10+ business locations. Other options include over the phone but this is available for all businesses.

Standing out on Google My Business

It’s important to complete your listing so it’s optimised and ranks well in the business listing category. Searchers are more likely to click on a fully completed listing.

Providing the right information and having well written content also helps your business listing stand out.

Taking the time to optimise your business listing is worth it if you want your customers to be able to find you online.

If you are wanting to know more about a Google My Business listing or if you are interested in setting one up, get in touch and contact us.

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