How is my website performing?

How is my website performing?

Do you have a website or an eCommerce storefront for your business, but are not seeing the results you envisioned originally when you launched your online presence? Are you struggling to understand why you are not generating leads or sales?

Understanding the significance of a website’s performance is essential whether you are promoting an idea or selling a product in a highly targeted niche market.

Looking for a website audit? Actionable talks to move your website forward.
Looking for a Website Audit? Actionable steps to move your website forward.

Here are some quick tips on what to look for and help you review your own website experience.

First Up.

Review the User Experience

How user-friendly is your website? Is it mobile-friendly and responsive, loading properly on tablet devices and smartphones? How relevant are the headlines, tags, and the meta descriptions you are using on your website? Is it easy for new visitors to navigate and search your website for specific content, products or services?

Understanding potential problem areas, and the thriving areas of your website, can help you to better optimize your page layout and content in the future.

Conversion Optimization

Conversion rate optimisation, or CRO, is the percentage of users that are not only brought to your website, but the percentage of users that are converted into customers, generating sales and revenue. Optimising your website’s conversion rate can be as simple as updating your website and implementing a responsive layout to overhauling the sales funnel or content copy of the website itself. Conversion optimisation goes a long way when your main goal is to generate leads and/or sales directly from your website.

Performance & Security

How secure is your website? Is your website vulnerable to hacking or data loss? 

Performance and security should always remain as top priorities whenever you launch a website, regardless of the website’s purpose. A slow-loading website is not likely to succeed in today’s highly competitive virtual landscape, which is why it is imperative to optimise your website for speed for all various devices, mobile and desktop.

Securing your website is also key to preventing data loss and the leaking of private and sensitive customer information. Ensuring your website’s security is top-notch can help avoid preventable PR disasters.

SEO / Online Visibility

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SEO, or search engine optimization, is a key component to any successful online presence. A website that is focused on SEO is more likely to appear within the first pages of search results of some of the top search engines today. When you optimize your website for SEO, your website will appear more frequently within engines such as Google, Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo, and Bing, providing you with more opportunities to attract visitors and prospective customers to your site.

Online visibility goes a long way, especially when you are launching a website for the first time or if you are managing a brand new business or organization. The more visible your website appears, the more likely users are to think of it as a source of authority. Creating a reputation for your business as an authoritative resource is extremely beneficial when you are entering a highly competitive or overly saturated market.

Copy & Content

The type of content and copy you use throughout your website is extremely important, especially as it pertains to SEO and traffic strategies. In order to succeed in any online industry, providing useful, informative, unique, and in-depth content is often key. Without interesting and relevant content, it is difficult to build a professional and trustworthy relationship directly with customers or even your online visitors.

When reviewing the overall performance of your website, consider the following factors when it comes to the content strategy you currently have in place:

  • What type of content am I providing to my visitors?
  • Is my content useful, interesting, and informative?
  • What type of voice is best to communicate with my target audience and the demographics I intend to reach?
  • What problem am I solving with my website and the content I produce for my visitors?
  • How can I incorporate relevant keywords and interesting information to keep users coming back for more?


While you are conducting your website’s performance review, take a moment to consider any legal issues you need to address and/or remedy on your website based on your location and your website’s purpose. Review any potential restrictions and regulations you may need to abide by based on the type of website you have as well as whether you are selling products and services or not. If you are unsure of the legal specifications that require your attention with your type of website, it is highly advisable to seek legal counsel to ensure your safety and protection.

Google My Business Listing Audit

One way to help improve your website’s performance, as well as your overall online presence, is to audit your own Google My Business listing. Google My Business provides an extensive online digital directory for business owners. Using the Google My Business posting feature is a great way to help spread awareness about your business and brand, especially if you are new to any market or industry sector.

Conducting a thorough Google My Business listing audit is highly recommended as you continue to build, grow, and scale up your business. Updating and auditing your Google My Business listing frequently is a way to ensure you are not missing any opportunities to reach and appeal to new customers. Additionally, frequently auditing your Google My Business listing is also a way to keep your website’s SEO and keywords as relevant as possible year-round. Check out our post about the 10 benefits of having a Google My Business listing.

Wrap Up

Ensuring that your website is loading fast, optimised for SEO, and is well-received by your visitors is a must for any website owner today. Conducting a professional website audit for your site is a way to learn more about your own online presence. In doing so you will discover how you can help boost and improve the performance of your website in any market or industry of your choosing. Consider seeking out a professional website audit today.

Hey look, we do Website Audits so feel free to reach out or just contact us.

Looking for a website audit? Actionable talks to move your website forward.
Looking for a Website Audit? Actionable steps to move your website forward.

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